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Work Packages

The technologies that will be developed in QCOALA will be on four distinct levels: laser system, controlled laser welding, process monitoring and inspection, each of which will be the subject of a separate Work Package (WP2 to WP5). All developed QCOALA technologies will be tested and demonstrated throughout the duration of the project, both individually and jointly (for related technologies). In the final stage of the work, all developed technologies will be integrated in at least two existing laser systems used by the QCOALA Beneficiaries to demonstrate their capability for the manufacture of the electric car battery and the solar cell interconnections (WP6). The last two Work Packages in the project relate to the project management (WP7) and the exploitation and dissemination of the Foreground knowledge developed (WP8).

TWI is responsible to maintain an overview and to ensure that the WP administration and the deliverables are achieved. The consortium has the responsibility for the success of the project and each work package (WP) will be led by the listed partner.

WP1. QCOALA Specification

WP2. QCOALA laser system

WP3. Intelligent Laser Welding

WP4. Integrated Process Monitoring

WP5. In-line Weld Inspection

WP6. Demonstration - lead by Bochum University

WP7. Project Management - lead by TWI

WP8. Exploitation & Dissemination - lead by Precitec KG